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Headphones Not Recognized
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My motherboard is the ASUS Z97-A.

My back audio jack (3.5 mm) works flawlessly and I have my desktop speakers hooked up to this one.

However, my front audio jack is not even recognized by the system. I plug in my headphones and nothing ever happens. Luckily, I found that the package 'pavucontrol' not only finds my headphone jack, but allows me to route audio to it. It always thinks my headphones are unplugged, though.

Using alsamixer I am able to mute my desktop speakers so that only my headphones are receiving audio. I have to go through the following process every time I boot into Solus in order for my headphones to work: pavucontrol (switch output to front headphone jack), alsamixer (disable sound for back audio jack). It may not seem like a lot, but having to do it every time I reboot or start up the computer is annoying! :)

How can I resolve this problem? Any suggestions? I've used this motherboard with Windows 10 and Solus. On Windows the headphone jack worked flawlessly.

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@testmonkey Yes, I would love that feature! Plus it would essentially fix my audio issue, save muting the front speakers! Thanks

This sounds like a problem with a hardware mux not getting toggled as expected.

I just tested it today and it is still not switching audio to my headphones. Is there anything I can do?

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Seeing as this dates back to before our first snapshot and we've had two releases since then (including Solus 3), marking as resolved. If this issue still persists on a fully upgraded Solus 3, feel free to reopen.

Yes, the issue still persists. Just tested it again.

Using pavucontrol works fine, but it is not installed OOTB.

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Re-opening in that case. Thanks for testing.

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Still an issue?

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