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CTRL+ALT+T to go to the terminal is NOT present
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An unimportant request but so easily done I suppose.
When visiting over 40 distro's the most common keyboard shortcut they have all set up is
CTRL + ALT +T going to the terminal of the distro
Could you add this one to the standard shortcuts when making your iso's?

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I thought going into the keyboard settings and adding a custom shortcut with the command "cd usr/bin && ./gnome-terminal" and assigning the CTRL+ALT+T keys would work, but it doesn't... Anyone know why?

@TheMarketAnarchist Whyyyy would you do it like that? You can simply set the command to /usr/bin/gnome-terminal or probably even gnome-terminal

As for why it didn't work, probably because you forgot the slash before usr. In the command you pasted, it is cd'ing into a directory relative to the current one, which is most likely $HOME.

You can set this yourself in the GNOME Control Center

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@Shadow53 I'm still relatively new to coding and Linux in general. I'm only in my teens and have been using "easy" Linux distros (Ubuntu, Puppy, Mint, Manjaro, etc.) for the past two years. So I'm finally learning basic programming--mostly python--and trying to get better at Linux.

Something as simple as forgetting a slash! Sometimes my brain fails me! I'll try the shorter method. Thanks for the feedback!

EDIT: I tried setting the command to /usr/bin/gnome-terminal and it worked!

You can just put gnome-terminal. You don't need the file path

@tristan957 Yes, I changed it soon after posting the comment. Also, the question of why this hasn't been included by default was never addressed. This is a very common shortcut on almost all distros. Why hasn't Solus added this already?

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Isn't Super + T more consistent with the existing shortcuts? Solus uses the Super key to move windows, maximize, restore, lock screen and etc., while Ubuntu uses Alt key by default. elementary OS comes with Super + T set, but in Solus you have to set the shortcut for the terminal yourself, because not all desktop users need it.

Super + T is probably best and should be enabled by default.

Solus is designed to be fast and efficient, right? The solution that makes the most sense would be to set the key combo yourself that is best for you.

For instance, I use Tilda(available in the repo) so that all I do is press ` to get a floating terminal.

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If you want this, it's not hard to set up. Otherwise, no sense reserving a keybinding.

I don't understand the reasoning behind this. Super + T would provide a much better OOTB experience. @DataDrake @ikey

As the next ISO cycle is about polish as far as I know, I think it'll be good to poke @ikey about this again.

If you want this, it's not hard to set up.

I don't know how to set it up, so I've always solved this by clicking on a terminal icon which I pinned to the panel.

Otherwise, no sense reserving a keybinding.

I still think it'll improve the OOTB experience. Apologies if you feel I am resurrecting old tasks.

I hope today isn't going to be about necromancing a bunch of old issues, I'm looking to be finished today. :)

Also I somewhat object to the "better out of the box experience" - by default we strive for people to NOT to have to use the terminal, which just isn't true of the other distros mentioned.
I think binding a terminal by default is sorta counter to that? If its really such a big thing - I'll add it if someones willing to do the research portion on it (i.e. what am I patching to make this a thing)

I tried getting this to work via the GNOME desktop branding package with a custom keybind setting, but had no luck, so while I can't tell you where the most appropriate place would be, the branding package isn't it :D

@tristan957 No, because setting it via a schema is exactly what I did try. Thanks though.