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Master PDF Editor
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Oct 31 2016, 6:34 AM
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Name: Master PDF Editor
Open Source: no
My preferred application capable of annotating PDFs would have been PDF Studio:
As it cannot be included and there is no standalone application available that can do the job (and I don't like to use Mendeley), I am requesting this one to be added to Third Party.

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JoshStrobl triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 31 2016, 9:36 PM
JoshStrobl moved this task from Backlog to Accepted For Inclusion on the Third Party Software board.
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I also request for that package. Master Pdf Editor is the best free pdf editor for linux.

We're not accepting more Third Party items in the 3rd-party repo. If you're gonna work on this, it has to be as a snap.

JoshStrobl claimed this task.

Given we have no plans on flatpaking or snapping this application, closing as wontfix. I'd suggest reaching out to the respective developers about supporting either of those distribution and container models.

ghostv33 lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Low.Jan 25 2020, 3:21 PM
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This comment was removed by JoshStrobl.

He already has the v5 packaged
So tried asking v4 and he is making it :D
Let's see :D

Removed comment @ghostv33. That individual is actively violating intellectual and copyright law by providing those pre-built binaries.

JoshStrobl changed the task status from Wontfix to Locked.Jan 25 2020, 3:30 PM
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This task has been locked.