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Visual Studio Code and 'Open With'
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I just installed Visual Studio Code. It doesn't appear in the 'Open with' menu of Solus. It seems to be a strange behavior and even creating manually a .desktop doesn't seem to help. I'm not sure if it is a bug or something specific to my system. I have the last Solus version.


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This is a bug. It is also affectin GNOME Music as far as I know. Not sure if the two are related

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Not sure if the two are related

They aren't. I discovered what the issue is with Visual Studio Code. The desktop file Categories needs TextEditor, so the entire line would be Categories=Development;TextEditor;

I'll fix this when I get home, assuming they fixed their build on one of their node modules.

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@tristan957 It is likely I need to do something similar for Gnome Music so I'll investigate that separately.

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Update: Microsoft broke their Code builds (again). I'm working on resolving the issue

Fix found. Doing build now.