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Nvidia Optimus support
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Reinout, Aug 10 2016


I would like to be able to use Steam on my laptop. It has a 520M and should
be able to use Nvidia drivers but due to the use of Optimus technology I can't
boot solus with a GUI when a Nvidia driver is installed. I would love it if
Optimus would be supported so my system can make use of the graphics card
improving the OS and Steam games performance and stability. As of now I am
also simply not able to launch Steam at all with the Nouveau driver installed.


Specifics for my setup:

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So after the updates you can use Steam with DRI_PRIME=1 steam on the open source drivers.

Optimus support is fully landing after 1.2.1 is released (as has been stated many times) - and for the reference of anyone reading:
We will NOT be using Bumblebee. We'll create something better..

FWIW I bought an Optimus laptop to implement the support, it will be coming.

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Here's a quick guide I wrote up for how I handled Optimus on my laptop:

There's no (easy) GPU switching with this method. This gives more performance and compatibility than trying to use Bumblebee, but since the NVIDIA GPU is being used for everything at all times, power usage increases.

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Very exited! So close. :D

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Now moving to highest priority. xorg-server 1.19 is now out and this work is unblocked.

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Making "High" as its a subtask of an unbreak now

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The last thing keeping me from moving to Solus. Thank you ikey!

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So what's the progress? LDM repo is extremely dead as I see.

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Looks like @ikey is doing a great job \o/

(Note I won't be doing anything today while working (obviously) until tonight :))

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This is now resolved in unstable.

Now in stable

That was quick...

After installing the Nvidia driver I am encountering UI problems on boot. Very long black screen first, then login screen renders ok after I move or click mouse. After login screen for a moment it renders weird like in added file below. And during and after
the fade in it does look normal but I only see my background and no other UI elements are visible. It kinda stopped there but my GPU and whole laptop was getting really warm and my battery drained so I had to switch
to the terminal and sadly uninstall Nvidia drivers again. Had to use my power cable after this little adventure because my battery was completely drained.

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