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tp-smapi : thinkpad configuration tools for linux
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description: drivers needed for enabling battery charge thresholds, recalibration and specific status output of tlp-stat on thinkpads
open source: yes, not sure of the license but the code is on sourceforge.

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This hasn't received an update in almost 8 years and is clearly abandoned. It's not eligible for inclusion.

I didn't notice that at was abandoned. It is still mentioned on the tlp homepage and available in the repos of several major distributions, so I kind of assumed it was still an active project.

No problem, it happens all the time. That's why we have a Triage Team :)

I still use this package on T420 running arch, and it seems still updated recently. It also an optional dependency for tlp package (which is included in repository).

Interesting, thanks for the latest link @kyrios123
I'd be curious to try this as I see some of my Thinkpads on their list.

This would be a lifesaver for many of using older Thinkpads. Older batteries need re-calibration to provide more accurate battery reading, and changing charging thresholds to be able to prolong the battery life. Right now I've solved this by occasionally removing hard disk with Solus and booting up old disk with Windows XP to run Lenovo re-calibration app and change thresholds if needed. Many won't be able to do this so batteries will die and be thrown out ahead of time, possibly then also the laptop.