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vsftpd has no PAM configuration and needs "seccomp_sandbox=NO"
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vsftpd defaults to trying to use the PAM config file ftp, but this doesn't exist, and causes any login attempts to fail, along with outputting a PAM warning to journalctl.

As a random solution, I set pam_service_name=login (since /etc/pam.d/login exists) in vsftpd.conf which seems to work, but I'm not certain as to how good of an idea this is. I believe other distros have a vsftpd-specific (just named vsftpd) PAM config file, and Ubuntu uses a ftp config file.

Another problem is that I needed to set seccomp_sandbox=NO in vsftpd.conf. Without that, I can't browse certain directories with FileZilla. I'm not certain what the setting does but I also needed it in Arch Linux and Fedora if I recall correctly.

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I did a clean install of Solus and vsftpd a bit ago and pam_service_name="login" doesn't seem to work. However, pam_service_name=login does (no quotes around login), so it seems vsftpd is a little strict on that.

On another note, is it a good idea to use the login PAM configuration? I'm not sure if it would be worthwhile or not, but copying the login PAM config and naming it to ftp would allow vsftpd to work without needing to specify the pam_service_name.

I only chose login because it sounded the best and happens to work; I'm not entirely aware of any security implications or anything of it or if it even benefits to have all the config stuff in that file.

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Landed in unstable as of

Whether or not it is a good idea, quite frankly I don't know. Probably a better question for @ikey.

Regardless, resolved. In the future, please file a separate issue rather than reopening this one. Thanks.