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For Vala developers who need to test their code, Valadate is a powerful testing framework that provides behavioral, functional and unit testing features to help them write great Open Source software. Unlike other testing frameworks, Valadate is designed especially for Vala while integrating seamlessly into existing toolchains. It also provides a graphical test runner.

Real example

  • Current Features (Version 1.0)
    • Automatic test discovery like JUnit or .NET testing framework.
    • Utility functions for waiting in a main loop until specified event or timeout occurs.
    • Support for asynchronous tests.
    • Utility functions providing temporary directory to tests.
    • Skipped tests and expected failures.
  • Planned Features (Version 1.1)
    • Gherkin/Cucumber integration
    • GUI and CLI Test Runner
    • IDE Plugins
    • Events and notifications
    • Project Wizard

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