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SWAP partition on FDE
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Hello guys,
I've noticed that swap partition is not used when disk is fully encrypted. The partition exists (you can see it with Gnome Disk Utility), but it is not mounted.

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UEFI, I've added /dev/SolusSystem/Swap into fstab and it mounts after reboot without problems.

Crap. Ok so the idea is systemd is meant to automount swap, but obviously it would seem it doesn't do that in FDE..

Can also confirm this on two UEFI machines (swap partition exists; isn't used).

You can put swap partition into /etc/fstab (/dev/your_swap_partition swap swap defaults 0 0) as hotfix until it get's resolved in systemd.

Thanks; here's what I ended up putting into /etc/fstab:

/dev/SolusSystem/Swap   none    swap    defaults,discard    0   0

OK is this still the case with the 2017.01.01.0 release?