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UFO: Alien Invasion
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  • Name: UFO: Alien Invasion
  • Homepage:
  • Open Source: Yes, GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
  • Link to Source Tarball\Zip file:
  • Description: UFO: Alien Invasion is a squad-based tactical strategy game in the tradition of the old X-COM PC games, but with a twist. UFO:AI combines military realism with hard science-fiction and the weirdness of an alien invasion. The carefully constructed turn-based system gives you pin-point control of your squad while maintaining a sense of pace and danger.
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Already started this awhile back. Given me an excuse to finish it.

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This has sat in accepted for inclusion for over a year now. Clearly, there is a lack of demand for the inclusion of this software, nobody has stepped up to provide a patch, maintain it, and properly integrate it. Closing as a result. Feel free to reopen but only when someone offers a patch via our proper patch submission methods and volunteers to be maintainer.