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YubiKey NEO Manager
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Tool for managing your YubiKey NEO configuration.

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Given I packaged the yubikey stuff for Solus, I'm probably the most viable choice for packaging the Neo manager (it was outside the scope of what I needed the Yubikey stuff for at the time, given I just have a couple Yubikey Edges). Gonna go ahead and assign myself to this and look into it :)

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Landed in unstable as of

Few bits:

  1. We don't support Qt4 WebKit (QtWebKit), nor does upstream Qt anymore for Qt4, so I've commented out the importing of QtWebKit so neoman runs. However, I don't know entirely what the fallout of that will be, given the limited functionality I have exposed with my Yubikey Edge (that is meant to be used with yubikey-personalization-gui anyways). So please comment if something isn't working as a result.
  2. If there are missing python libraries, feel free to comment here. It's always difficult to determine what is really needed, given I already have so much python stuff installed already.