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Oct 16 2016, 11:54 AM
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Name : Rambox
Homepage :
Is it Open Source : yes
Link to source tarball/zip file :
Description : Free, Open Source and Cross Platform messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one.

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We already have Franz in Third Party and things called web browsers, whereas this is yet another large, electron-based nodejs app.

Rambox is open source and supports more messengers. Franz is also not working at the moment with the given third party installation instructions.

Agree that Rambox seems the more promising platform.

perhaps since rambox is opensource and franz is not, it can be considered to switch to rambox?
my main issue with franz is that it does not perfectly integrate and most of all: minimized to tray i cannot get it back open from tray,
which may or may not be an issue with franz

I would greatly appreciate for this to be re-evaluated.

  • Having Rambox in the repository would be a significant advantage in terms of security and installation/update speed.
  • It is open-source and more trustworthy as a messaging application than Franz.
  • It supports more services than Franz.
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I really hope that Rambox can be added to the respository. Franz seems to be abandoned, is only a beta release and hasn't seen any update in over a year.

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We already have Franz in Third Party and things called web browsers, whereas this is yet another large, electron-based nodejs app.

Any news about Rambox or is it closed forever? :(

Obviously not part of the triage team, but it's worth noting that Rambox requires a non-free tool to build. Not sure how well that integrates, given that all third-party tools are to be moved to snaps, and I'm not sure how well snap runs in the build environment.

Apologies for creating a duplicate task, I'll be more mindful in the future.

Let me re-iterate my post, in case this task might be reconsidered.

What makes Rambox different from Franz?

  • Does not require the creation of a new account, unlike Franz.
  • Different/more services: due to this, the suitable tool will depend on the user.
  • Open-Source: could be an important consideration for some.
  • Since both tools are still fairly new, I've experienced bugs with both before (i.e. tray icon colours being messed up in some DEs). This might make one more preferable over the other for some.
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You didn't see this. Just make sure you compile it from source, I won't accept pre-built binaries.

does rambox need to be in the repository as a package, since it is now available as appimage and thus will work without any need for a maintained package?

does rambox need to be in the repository as a package

@thutex If I didn't think otherwise, surely I would've kept this as wontfix? I don't really care if it's an AppImage. We have VS Code in the repo even though it's available in the snap store. We have GNOME apps even though flatpak is a thing.

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It's been a month since this has been marked for needs maintainer. Given nobody has stepped up to provide an accepted patch, marking as wontfix. Feel free to re-open when a patch has been submitted via the appropriate process.

This requires a builddep called Sencha Cmd, which is licensed under the GPLv3, but I could not get my hands on the source. To receive the source, they require you to provide personal information such as country and email address, and also sign up for marketing emails, which I think is just ugly practice.

Therefore I do not think it will be possible to package this software for Solus.

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No longer eligible for inclusion based on licensing restrictions.