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Name: Xournal
Open Source: yes
Description: Xournal is an app for notetaking and pdf annotation. I am not sure if it is still maintained. Last release was 2014-06-30. Do you know of any alternatives?


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It is probably better to wait until Okular is ready for inclusion and to close this as WONTFIX. I still have some hope that Utopia Documents will have annotating features in the upcoming version. Unfortunately, the only reasonable way to annotate PDFs in any Linux-based system is to use a proprietary solution. I will file new requests when I have sorted this out.

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After a discussion in IRC #Solus I was asked to add a comment here.

I'm interested in a desktop software like xournal, with which I can take handwritten notes with my tablet/stylus (you can change color, add some shapes, resize your paper, add a pdf file as background, export to pdf and more...). In Okular you can just annotate pdf-files, which works better IMHO in xournal as well. As far as I know the alternatives are either proprietary or the last update is even older (2005, 2009...) then the one from xournal (2014). It also seems that there is some activity going on, but just no release, as the supporting staff in irc pointed out as well.

I'd like you to consider or even take a closer look into the possibility to include xournal into the repos.

Thanks a lot in advance. :-)

Nice! Any suggestions on how to run it on Solus? Compiling gives some errors...

@amalaiteko Unfortunately not. Here's another alternative:
Let's wait until these have a more recent release and re-evaluate.

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I have managed to compile xournal (original, not xournalpp) from source, however subpixel resolution for wacom input is not available.

I've downloaded the source, compiled it , and it works fine on my Surface pro 3 . except in Gnome I force dpi scaling in its desktop launcher file so the icons are a decent size. That gtk or qt scaling feature has not been working for any app in Solus.

Last Update: 2017-11-20
Compiled from source and runs. however i can't test dpi scaling or wacom input.
But for annotating PDFs this is really useful.

What is the reason for closing this? I don't want to argue over it but I don't even see the reason given.

I love Solus but the ability to add my signature image to a PDF was a dealbreaker. For anyone else that ends up on this thread...

Here's what I had to do to get Xournal running in Solus (as of Jan 2018):

  • Install dev tools:
sudo eopkg it -c system.devel -y
(as root) make install
  • Once complete you can hopefully run: xournal from the command line

This article is helpful too - scroll to the "Linux" section:

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Opened for re-evaluation given there was a 2017 bugfix update and the C++ rewrite has currently no active development.

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There is some activity (not much admittedly) on the development and gtk3 branches of xournalpp

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Still questionable maintenance and development. Release was over a year ago already and development is sporadic. Rejecting inclusion.