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update orca to 44.0
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44.0 - 24 March 2023

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

da              Danish                    Alan Mortensen
fr              French                    Guillaume Bernard

44.rc - 8 March 2023


  • Fix double-presentation of indentation information
  • Interrupt speech immediately prior to speaking "screen reader off"
  • Add command-line Orca modifier documentation
  • Fix issue when using the new AT-SPI device API


  • Fix jumping in sites caused by ARIA selection-changed events
  • Fix incorrect browsing in Firefox when popup has focus
  • Fix double-presentation of content in ARIA's tab role
  • Fix structural navigation commands sometimes failing to work after script reactivation

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

ab              Abkhazian                 Nart Tlisha
de              German                    Jürgen Benvenuti
hu              Hungarian                 Attila Hammer
id              Indonesian                Kukuh Syafaat
ka              Georgian                  Ekaterine Papava
sv              Swedish                   Anders Jonsson
uk              Ukrainian                 Yuri Chornoivan

43.1 - 3 January 2023


  • Clean up and fix bugs in flat review find
  • Treat KP_Delete as Delete for the purpose of identifying text deletions
  • Fix several issues related to prefering the TableCell interface
  • Fix presentation of name-changed events for Qt push buttons


  • Fix repetition of text elements during SayAll in web content
  • Fix structural navigation bug impacting columns spanning multiple cells
  • Fix chattiness issue with browser page tabs
  • Fix bug causing Orca to present a non-active page in Chrome

Mouse Review:

  • Do not re-present the whole paragraph when leaving a link

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

ab              Abkhazian                 Nart Tlisha
ka              Georgian                  Ekaterine Papava
nl              Dutch                     Nathan Follens


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This will be part of the GNOME 44 stack upgrade. It is not necessary to create a task for this.