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ProtonGE-Custom or Protonup-Qt
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Name: Protonup-Qt

Name: ProtonGE-Custom

Why should this be included in the repository? Explained beliow

Is it Open Source? Yes

Who and how many users do you anticipate will use this software? I believe most, if not all gamers on Solus would be thrilled to see this in the repos.

Link to source tarball/zip file On the github's release page

More info.
ProtonGE is a custom build of Proton created by reknowned trailblazer of Linux gaming technology GloriousEggroll. He works for Red Hat and Valve and releases the stuff that doesn't go into official Proton. The reason I believe that ProtonGE is not redundant over Steam's own Proton or Proton Experimental is because it enables some pretty important features for certain games that are not usually possible, such as DXVK_ASYNC, AMD FSR, raw mouse input, and so on. I use ProtonGE personally for new online games where performance and compatibility are priority, otherwise I use regular Proton.

Proton GE can be manually installed very easily on most distros by simply copying the contents of the tarball to the respective folder in the Steam directory, but this method requires it to be done over again if you want Proton GE to be updated. ProtonGE releases anywhere between once a week to once every 2 months and it's an annoying process to have to go in delete the old and extract the new. If this is something that interests the Solus team, I have 2 proposals.

  1. Protonup-Qt is a minimal application that handles this for you. While I don't exactly think it is a fully ideal solution as it does the exact procedure described above just graphically, it makes the general update process of a Linux gaming system more set-and-forget, less having to go out of your way or intervene, just open Protonup and install the new one, and remove the old if you want (or keep it- it manages all Proton and Wine versions graphically and even lists which games have used them.) Currently, I use this method on Solus by getting the appimage.
  2. ProtonGE-Custom is a more involved solution. It's packaged in a way that rolls Proton overtime instead of constantly just removing and replacing. I'm not fully sure how it is accomplished but the AUR package is here and I know it's available on other distros like Fedora and Ubuntu etc.

If not, thanks for the consideration anyway and for all of your hard work, it is much much appreciated by me and my family.

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There are a variety of ways to get Proton GE in Solus already - Lutris and Heroic both provide easy methods to install and manage Proton versions which play nicely with Steam.

The other thing is that sometimes you want a particular (older) version of Proton GE for a game due to regressions introduced in later revisions. If Solus packages this and provides updates that break people's games, where is the benefit? Even Steam won't change Proton versions associated with your games unless you're on Experimental/Next.

I'm not sure if packaging Proton-GE is the right solution. Protonup, however, seems like it might be worth grabbing for those who do want the functionality you're after. I may take a crack at packaging it, and if it doesn't look too bad I'd be ok with maintaining it.

Side note - usually package requests should be done individually, one package per request. I'm not any sort of mod or anything, just a user and occasional packager, but you should probably do it that way in the future