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Due to my job needs, I recently had to move back to Fedora, as Solus is currently lacking of some useful packages for systems administrators, as the one in the title.

Hoping to have it on Solus, too! :)

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Solus have remmina.

You can check where:

We also have vinagre. I don't see a reason to include another RDP client. What does this have to offer than vinagre and remmina don't?

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Thank you, guys. Gonna use Remmina.

Is this still open for debate? I saw this post a couple months ago, and decided to just fully try the alternatives. However, after using these applications for some time now, I do think rdesktop has features that I just can't get to work correctly in the alternatives.

I use RDP a lot for my job, and while I love and use both remmina and vinagre, in my experience I can only get full keyboard binding to work in rdesktop (for example, if I am RDP'd into my Windows work computer, when I hit the super key, it opens the window there, and not in Solus. Or, when I try to switch virtual desktops using the keyboard, it switches the RDP desktop, and again, not the Solus host one.)

If I can get that fully working in one of the others, I'll be happy to use the already included applications. However, as far as I know, rdesktop is the only one that give me the fully working functionality that I need.

I started by just building it from source, but after awhile, I cobbled together my own eopkg to make life easier. I'd be happy to submit the package.yaml, at least as a templete, if we are willing to include rdesktop. I recently used a fedora machiene for a project, and it was wonderful to install rdesktop from the package manager.

Let me know if there is any way I can help :)