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Julia, a high-performance dynamic programming language for technical computing
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Name: Julia
Open source: yes, MIT license

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Was requested back in our old Bugzilla, IIRC there was a bunch of issues regarding them requiring a really old LLVM, I can look into it again and see if their patches are actually usable at this stage.

Update: I'm going through every option that Julia provides, one by one, and determining which system libraries it does and doesn't like. So far I've confirmed that it doesn't like our openblas, pcre, and llvm (that one was obvious though). It does however work with our:

So those have been enabled so far and I'm determining if our system curl is acceptable too. Got a few libs to go but a lot of progress so far.

Works with our CURL. I'll move onto other libs later today.

What does it in practice mean if Julia doesn't like some libraries? Is there a way to fix this?

@alexp: It is quite common for software packages to ship with their own versions of libraries. We do everything that we can to get packages to work with Solus libraries so that you can take advantage of all the optimization and integration work we do. However, there are some times where packages are extremely picky about the versioning of a library. When that happens we might have to update a system library or allow it to build its own. Julia is just more selective than a lot of packages.