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Gnome Text Editor
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Name: gnome-text-editor
Why should it be added to the repository? : This application is the modern official replacement for the obsolete gedit. It has a modern interface, and more advanced functionality.
This is opensource? : Yes, and is also being developed as part of the GNOME project.
Who will use: I'm sure it will be used by the vast majority of Solus Gnome users.

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algent renamed this task from Request a Gnome Text Editor to Gnome Text Editor.Oct 25 2022, 4:19 PM

I would also like to clarify that I have prepared the assembly instructions, and as soon as I get permission, I will send them.

Right now gedit is still being maintained, until it is no longer maintained, I think we'll be keeping with gedit until it is no longer maintained. No need to have two similar looking and in function apps at the same time.

On reddit I was asked to add a comment saying that I would be willing to support this package.

Again, my stance still stands. I rather not have duplicated gnome text editors, until gedit is properly deprecated, I don't see a need to have gnome-text-editor included in solus currently. Especially when the icons and naming schemes are relatively close to each other.

JoshStrobl added a subscriber: JoshStrobl.

Closing per @ZachBacon's stance as he's the GNOME maintainer.

Gnome Text Editor is also intuitive and talks to non-devs and non-coder too.
Gedit is not bad but having text editor added will bring more choices and no need to make it default in Solus, just having it there in repo is good enough
also, the apps have different icons and Text Editor do remember last open docs and allow us start where we let the job in our last session.