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Meta: GNOME 43 Unresolved Issues
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GNOME 43 has arrived! With it has come a few problems that still need to be addressed. This task will be updated as items are found or addressed. Feedback and notices of package breakages as a result of this stack upgrade are welcome and encouraged!

Current Status

Synced to Stable as of October 14.

Known Issues

  • gnome-terminal: Nautilus 43 has a new extension API, but gnome-terminal has not yet seen a release. This means that there is no "Open in Terminal" option for directories, and gnome-terminal cannot actually be rebuilt. Fedora 37 is using an unreleased version of gnome-terminal with this patch, which does restore the functionality.
  • libwnck: New behavior can cause calling code to break. Affected packages:
    • bamf
      • plank
      • vala-panel-appmenu
  • xdg-desktop-portal-gtk: Trying to set a wallpaper from a file in Nautilus resets the wallpaper back to default. The xdg-desktop-portal wallpaper portal appears as expected, but then wallpaper is reset on clicking Apply. So far I have been unsuccessful in getting any kind of debugging messages to give a direction.
  • nextcloud-client: After the recent update on 10/14 the integration of Nextcloud in Nautilus is partially broken. See here. A patch to fix this has been merged upstream.
  • rhythmbox: libsoup version mismatch causes it to segfault on open. See here.

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So it seems like new gnome-terminal versions no longer get released like before, see this comment from the maintainer. They did publish more recent git tags though, which now seems to be what we should follow to keep it up to date.

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The issue with the nextcloud-client integration in Nautilus seems to be a GTK4 incompatibility caused by the Python package nautilus-terminal, for which there is already the issue #82 filed.

EbonJaeger added a comment.EditedOct 22 2022, 1:42 PM

The problem is that Nautilus extensions must now use GTK4, and these old extensions use GTK3. Both extensions likely have the same issue, but the extensions themselves are unrelated.

Also on top of that, there seems to be an error with Nextcloud's usage of an API call (it's missing an argument).

I rebuilt the nextcloud-client Solus package with the patch provided by @paolostivanin and it looks good (just did some basic tests). Hope it is getting soon into the stable-3.6 branch.

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