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Wrong keyboard layout at KDE login screen
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Hi dev team,

I use the German version of Solus with KDE. At the first startup, the login screen will use the English keyboard layout instead of the German one. If I'm successfully logged in, and I just lock my screen, then the German layout works if I unlock again.

Is this an issue or have I something not set properly?

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This is working fine for me on two systems. can you check with the terminal command locale if everything is setup to the same language?

Hi, here comes the screen output of locale at my system:

on the virtualkeyboard there should be a globe symbol, can you click this and check if Deutsch is mentioned?

playforvoices added a comment.EditedJun 25 2022, 11:54 AM

I just restart and check it. The globe offers me Deutsch, and it's already preselected. If I type with the help of the virtual keyboard, I can log in with the correct credentials.

If I use the physical notebook keyboard, I have to type my password already in US layout. Then I'm able to login. If I type it in regular German layout, then the login failed because of wrong password.

The problematic ones are && (located at the 6 in German layout). I have to type // (located at the 7 here) to get my login at KDE. If I'm already logged in, all is fine and the correct layout works.