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Update Mangohud to ver. 0.6.7
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  • Show highest cpu freq instead of the cumulative average
  • Using sysfs scaling_cur_freq instead of /proc/cpuinfo for cpu core frequencies
  • Added EADesktop.exe and EALauncher.exe to blacklist
  • Logger writes a summary by default
  • Using gpu_metrics sysfs binary for amdgpu metrics
  • Showing min and max frametime for the period
  • Battery param shows a plug icon when plugged in
  • Improved amdgpu metrics accuracy by polling 100times per period

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed splitgate crashing on amd gpu's
  • Fixed not reporting amd cpu power when using the zenpower module
  • Fixed regression in hardware info updater
  • Fixed bug where setting cpu cores to offline would crash mangohud/mangoapp


Revisions and Commits