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steam: /usr/lib32/haswell/ causing proton games to fail to start when native runtime is enabled.
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When the steam native runtime is enabled, proton games are failing to start, with:
wine[131491] general protection fault ip:f7985273 sp:ffc430c0 error:0 in[f7914000+1a9000]

The workarounds are to use the steam runtime or remove/mask /usr/lib32/haswell/ (reinstall glibc-32bit to get the file back, it will fallback to /usr/lib32/ instead)

Launching proton games (such as Among Us) directly from wine still works fine leading me to believe the problem is with proton or the containerization that proton uses.

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If I understand it correctly (which might not be likely), what needs to be changes is this part of the code.
When it does 32bit the line lsi_table.handles.libc = dlopen("", RTLD_LAZY); should be changed to lsi_table.handles.libc = dlopen("/usr/lib32/", RTLD_LAZY);.
Edit: Here is my patch, will test is as soon as possible:
Edit 2: Patch didn't work, even caused a problem. Found a game that didn't start (Apex Legends) deleted /usr/lib32/haswell/ and it now would start with LSI from the repos but not my patched one. Really weird... Sorry, I am out of ideas how to fix it.

If noone has another idea how to fix it, could /usr/lib32/haswell/ get removed from the package for now? This would unbreak all Steam games for all LSI users, and very little programs use the 32 bit library anyways, Steam is definitely the biggest one.