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Plasma 5.24 and visual glitches Neon doesn't have
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Based on the 15 minutes bug initiative, I briefly searched visual glitches that are (still?) present on Solus but fixed on KDE Neon.

  1. In the desktop context menu, entries in the fourth group have 1 pixel off the highlighted area. Other entries are fine instead.
  2. This is most likely linked to 1. Submenus of the fourth section have no blur, featuring a weird white bar too.
  3. The first layer of the Dolphin Hamburger menu is grey when blur is enabled. Even here the highlighted area is off by 1 pixel, so linked to 1. and 2.

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livingsilver94 updated the task description. (Show Details)

Funny. The one pixel off seems to be there only with a dark background :)

Most likely they introduced new theming stuff, which I need to look at

@clauded that a breeze engine issue :D

mmmh @livingsilver94 and @clauded can you please remove ~/.cache and reload the theme? I cannot reporduce any of the issues

Nope, no dice for me.


I also experience the bug no. 3, that is, the transparency effect doesn't work in any application that uses the Hamburger menu (Dolphin, Gwenview, and Okular). This bug is reported on the KDE site:

I created a thread about this on the Solus forum:

Thank you in advance

This is an upstream issue, we have to wait till it get fixed there

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