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Rage (EFL app)
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The application is called Rage, and it's described as a media manager. I encountered it when I was researching EFL. It's an example of that technology, as is Terminology, which is already in the Solus repositories (and already in use on my computer).

I'm already a fan of Terminology, and am very interested in trying Rage on the Solus media machine that streams to my telivision. If it's as compelling as a media manager as Terminology is as a terminal emulator, I'm sure many others would appreciate it as well. Plus, it's another example of a technology that Solus may be heading towards.

Thus, there are several questions above that I can't answer yet, as I haven't had a chance to examine Rage yet.

I suspect Rage can be sourced where Terminology already has been found.

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Oh, I am very curious too.

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