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Name: ibus-rime
Open Source: yes
ibus-rime 1.2:
librime 1.2:
brise 0.35:
Build Info:
Description: "Rime IME is an input method engine for entering Chinese characters supporting a wide range of input methods. Rime IME can be used with the IBus and Fcitx input method frameworks." (Arch Wiki:

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As is probably well known, ibus-pinyin is broken and it is recommended to use ibus-libpinyin instead. I have heard good things about ibus-rime, especially as a more privacy-conscious alternative to the ubiquitous Sogou Pinyin which is used allover China. I haven't contacted the developer yet, but will do so when I have a chance to test this in Solus.

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This hasn't seen a release in two years nor a commit in over a year. We have no plans on landing ibus-pinyin, but will be landing ibus-libpinyin. I'll also be keeping an eye on ibus-sunpinyin as it has seemingly come back from the dead.

@DataDrake I have some news regarding ibus-rime. It is not actively maintained, but still maintained. More info here:
The core library it is based on librime, which has a fairly recent release from June 27, so it would be great if you can re-evaluate this. Given that this relies on a different library than ibus-libpinyin and one which is vastly more popular on Github, I believe there are advantages and differences which would justify an inclusion and provide a reasonable input alternative. (June 27 release)

Is there really no chance of getting ibus-rime as a package?

Solus has no way to input jyutping (romanized Cantonese input) without manually building everything, which is time consuming and difficult for newcomers.

Rime is not just for pinyin input, and Chinese dialects certainly do exist.

@baimafeima Cangjie is 倉頡, whereas I need Jyutping (粵拼). See the Jyutping Wikipedia article for more details.

Can we consider re-opening this task? The project is now active.

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