Update to 3.38.1


Update to 3.38.1

Summarized Changelog:

  • Add API to retrieve specified mimetypes from clipboards
  • Add "Boot Options" support to restart dialog
  • Add clipboard API for querying supported mimetypes
  • Add preview to color picker
  • Add screen recordings to recent items
  • Allow rearranging items in app picker
  • Better support sandboxed apps with multiple .desktop files
  • Cache labels on GPU
  • Delay login animation until wallpaper has loaded
  • Fix delay on lock screen after entering wrong password
  • Fix "Do Not Disturb" setting getting reset on startup
  • Fix extension updates when many extensions are installed
  • Fix "ghost" media controls
  • Fix lock screen on systems without GLSL shader support
  • Fix missing icons in on-screen keyboard
  • Fix "old style" VPN authentication
  • Fix page removal in app picker
  • Fix potential stack overflow in libcroco
  • Fix regressions in redesigned modal dialogs
  • Fix screen recorder shortcut
  • Fix top bar navigation when NumLock is active
  • Fix week number alignment when using font-scaling
  • Fix workspace glitches in overview
  • Hide switch-user button on lock screen if unsupported
  • Improve calendar-server performance
  • Improve DND behavior in app picker
  • Improve handling of scale-factor change
  • Improve weather section's empty state
  • Improve world clocks styling
  • Move calendar events out of notifications list
  • Move "Restart" into a separate menu item/dialog
  • Remove Frequent view from app picker
  • Reset auth prompt on login screen on VT switch before fade in
  • Support cycle-group cycling only over windows in the workspace
  • Support prepending workspace with horizontal layouts
  • Support scrolling anywhere in slider menu items
  • Tweak peek-password feature
  • Update world clocks offsets when timezone changes

Packaging Notes:

  • Added many patches in git (post 3.38.1). Rebased our AppMenu configuration and Extensions app hiding (under Budgie) patches.


JoshStroblAuthored on Nov 5 2020, 9:40 PM
JoshStroblPushed on Nov 14 2020, 4:47 PM
R993:98d01f76619b: Ensure Extensions app is hidden under Budgie.
tag: gnome-shell-3.38.1-66