Update to 3.8

Authored by JoshStrobl on Tue, Sep 15, 12:59 PM.


Update to 3.8

Summarized Changelog:

  • The submodules widget can now be used to add submodules. Submodules are now updated recursively.
  • The image diff viewer can now be toggled between text and image modes. This is helpful when, for example, diffing .svg files where it can be useful to see diffs in both an image and text representation.
  • The default ssh-askpass username + password dialog included with Git Cola can now toggle between showing and masking the password input field.
  • The share/appdata AppStream data was renamed to share/metainfo in accordance with AppStream standard changes from 2016.
  • The cola modules are now installed into the Python site-packages directory by default.
  • Git Cola's rebase / sequence editor, formerly known as git-xbase and installed as share/git-cola/bin/git-xbase, has been renamed to git-cola-sequence-editor and is now installed into the default bin/git-cola-sequence-editor executable location to enable external reuse of this general-purpose tool.
  • git dag now uses integer widths when initializing its brushes.
  • Stashes can now be applied using the Ctrl + Enter hotkey, popped with the Ctrl + Backspace hotkey, and dropped with the Ctrl + Shift + Backspace hotkey when inside the stash dialog. This enables a keyboard-centric mouse-free workflow when using the stash dialog.

Packager Notes:

  • Disabled private lib installation, use site-packages. Don't use vendored qtpy.


JoshStroblTue, Sep 15, 12:59 PM
JoshStroblTue, Sep 15, 1:01 PM
R910:43ae7fa3a855: Rebuild against python 3.7
HEAD -> master, tag: git-cola-3.8-19