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Update to 0.3.2

Authored by DataDrake on Dec 29 2018, 7:58 PM.


Update to 0.3.2

Important news:

  • This version fixes a major bug for the Scimitar Pro, causing the daemon to not properly interface with the mouse. This could require manually reflashing the mouse firmware if a firmware update was performed with 0.3.1 or earlier.
  • An updater has been created to more quickly push bugfixes to users, especially for those on macOS.
  • There is a new Space Invaders-like minigame that can be played as an animation, thanks to @mvladimirovich.

Support for new devices:

  • Strafe RGB MK.2; by accidental omission from the previous release.
  • K66

Important bugfixes:

  • The Scimitar Pro now defaults to v2.xx endpoints
  • The DPI LED on mice now changes in sniper mode
  • The GUI will warn if uinput cannot be loaded on Linux
  • The "Save to Hardware" button on the Scimitar and Glaive has been greyed out due to a current lack of support
  • Thanks to the efforts of @Kedstar99, the codebase compiles with much fewer warnings
  • The daemon will retry talking to the Karabiner kext in case it runs before the kext is ready
  • Binding commands to wheels will now repeat properly
  • QuaZip is no longer required for daemon-only builds
  • KissFFT is now built as a static library
  • Symbolic links are now created in /dev/input/by-id for evdev users
  • Fixed a regression for devices using the legacy protocol


DataDrakeDec 29 2018, 7:58 PM
DataDrakeDec 29 2018, 7:59 PM
R520:1308cc2d3e53: Update to 0.3.1
tag: ckb-0.3.2-7