Update libplacebo to 3.120.2 & switch from glslang to shaderc

Authored by aleksvor on Apr 25 2021, 6:16 PM.


Update libplacebo to 3.120.2 & switch from glslang to shaderc

Summarized changelog for 3.120.2:

  • Changes:
    • pl_dispatch no longer grows infinitely, but prunes stale cache entries after a certain threshold.
    • Improve logging of GPU capabilities (including format capabilities).
  • Fixes and performance improvements:
    • Omit redundant identity matrices in pl_shader_decode_color.
    • Improve handling of asynchronous texture uploads in utils/libav.h.

Full changelog here.

Summarized changelog for 3.120.1:

  • Changes:
    • Hexadecimal strings in custom shaders may now include whitespace.
    • Added 16-bit half float formats to the dummy pl_gpu.
  • Fixes and performance improvements:
    • Fixed an integer overflow in a texture bounds check.
    • Fixed some minor issues with various outdated comments.

Full changelog here.

Summarized changelog for 3.120.0:

  • Additions:
    • Add asynchronous GPU callbacks, specifically to pl_tex_transfer, allowing for non-blocking host memory transfer operations.
    • Add pl_shared_mem.stride_w/h to control dmabuf pitch.
    • Add pl_render_image_mix to blend multiple frames into a single output image, given relative timestamp information.
    • Add the pl_filter_mitchell_clamp filter preset.
    • Add pl_render_params.preserve_mixing_cache to speed up redraws after renderer size changes when frame mixing is active.
    • Add <libplacebo/utils/dav1d.h> to help with Dav1dPicture mapping.
    • Implement PL_HANDLE_HOST_PTR for the OpenGL backend.
    • Implement DRM format modifiers for Vulkan.
    • Add a new field pl_fmt.modifiers for DRM format modifier negotiation.
    • Add new header <libplacebo/shaders/lut.h> to load custom LUTs (currently only supporting the .cube format).
    • Add a new header <libplacebo/utils/frame_queue.h> to assist in taking a stream of (Frame, PTS) pairs as well as a list of VSync times and turning them into a stream of pl_frame_mix structs.
  • Changes:
    • pl_3dlut_update/apply have been renamed to pl_icc_update/apply and moved to a (conditionally installed) new header <libplacebo/shaders/icc.h>.
  • Fixes and performance improvements:
    • Fix buffer overflow in custom shader STORAGE blocks.
    • Actually enable shader subgroup operations for HDR peak detection. (packager's note: we already had this patched)
    • Fix locale dependence of shader parsing primitives.
    • Fix wrong color space selection in pl_vulkan_create_swapchain.
    • Fix suboptimal mutex destruction code.
    • Skip peak detection when outputting to HDR displays.
    • Avoid redundant scaling passes when scaling anamorphic content.
    • Merge similar planes before dispatching heavy shaders (e.g. debanding, hooks).
    • Entirely avoid processing unneeded components when dispatching scalers.
    • Avoid using more components than necessary for intermediate FBOs.
    • Avoid thrashing the shader cache when reinitializing OpenGL FBOs.
    • Fix undefined behaviour / GPU hangs in HDR peak detection shader.
    • Fix handling of custom shader COMPUTE blocks.
    • Correctly apply hue and saturation controls for non-YCbCr color spaces.

Full changelog here.

Packaging change:

  • Switch shader compiler backend to shaderc, as it's preferred by upstream and provides more stable API than glslang.

Depends on D10741.

Test Plan:

  1. Rebuilt mpv and vlc against it.
  2. Tested Vulkan video output in mpv using mpv --vo=gpu --gpu-api=vulkan.
  3. Tested HDR-to-SDR gamut conversion in VLC by watching HDR video on display without "real" HDR support.

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D10807: Update libplacebo to 3.120.2 & switch from glslang to shaderc
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