Sync with git.

Authored by JoshStrobl on Jan 7 2019, 9:02 PM.


Sync with git.


  • Eliminate Sundry category in Budgie Menu when possible. We will now attempt to move all Sundry items to an Other category if such category is available.
  • Implement Center Windows option in Budgie Desktop Settings -> Windows.
    • Adds support for enabling / disabling the capability to automatically center newly launched windows. Implemented a new schema option for this so it'll carry over for Budgie 11 and we're not permanently relying on Mutter's setting for it. However, we do respect the Mutter setting and apply that by default.
  • Handle an error where we'd assume an Icon existed for an application just because the DesktopAppInfo was found during our Notify notification creation, when that may not necessarily be the case.
  • Rewrite of Caffeine Mode functionality (and most of its Applet).
    • Functionality has been moved to the Budgie Daemon, where most of the other settings are handled. This is also in part to the fact that literally all the Caffeine Applet settings have been shifted to the window manager schema (though no WM code is actually manipulated here). In theory this means that third parties / downstreams can, if they wish, implement their own Caffeine Mode enable / disabling functionality elsewhere if they wish, while not being in conflict with the "core" Caffeine Applet.
    • Resolves an issue where the Caffeine applet notification icon was bork in Raven. Added a special case handler in NotificationGroup for treating the Budgie Daemon + Caffeine icons group name as just "Caffeine Mode".
    • We will disable Caffeine Mode when the End Session dialog is opened. Assuming a safe shutdown / restart (which is realistically the only thing we can properly handle) where the user is using the End Session dialog, we'll disable Caffeine Mode to reset the power values.


JoshStroblJan 7 2019, 9:02 PM
JoshStroblJan 7 2019, 9:08 PM
R465:a89df6f48bbb: Sync with git.
tag: budgie-desktop-10.5-187