Update onedrive to 2.4.0

Authored by Staudey on Mar 26 2020, 10:01 AM.


Update onedrive to 2.4.0

Update onedrive to 2.4.0

Important Release Detail:
This release will require you to reauthorise your client. This is due to changing the client identifier to assist with resolving the correct handling of 429 error responses (activityLimitReached)


  • Implement Feature: warning on big deletes to safeguard data on OneDrive
  • Implement Feature: delete local files after sync
  • Implement Feature: perform skip_dir explicit match only
  • Implement Feature: provide config file option for specifying the Client Identifier
  • Updated the 'Client Identifier' to a new Application ID
  • Fixed how the 'username' is determined from the running process for logfile naming
  • Fixed how the application handles 429 response codes from OneDrive (critical update)
  • Fixed file handling when a failed download has occured due to exiting via CTRL-C
  • Fixed an unhandled exception when OneDrive throws an error response on initialising
  • Update to always log when a file is skipped due to the item being invalid
  • Update logging output when using sync_list to be clearer as to what is actually being processed and why
  • Update application output when just authorising application to make information clearer
  • Fixed the handling of moving files into a skipped .folder when skip_dotfiles = true
  • Fixed the regex parsing of response URI to avoid potentially generating a bad request to OneDrive, leading to a 'AADSTS9002313: Invalid request. Request is malformed or invalid.' response.

Test Plan: Synchronized my onedrive folder, tested the --dry-run and --monitor options

Reviewers: Triage Team, JoshStrobl

Reviewed By: Triage Team, JoshStrobl

Subscribers: JoshStrobl

Differential Revision:


JoshStroblMar 26 2020, 10:01 AM
JoshStroblMar 26 2020, 10:02 AM
Triage Team
Differential Revision
D8529: Update onedrive to 2.4.0
R4605:3b4b4c90ae63: Update onedrive to 2.3.13
tag: onedrive-2.4.0-13