update ansible to 2.10.5

Authored by sethfl on Mar 25 2021, 6:40 AM.


update ansible to 2.10.5

update ansible to 2.10.5


  • Minor Changes
    • Changed the internal name of the custom plugin used to identify use of unwanted imports and functions.
    • The `pylint` sanity test is now skipped with a warning on Python 3.9, but now supported on Python 3.8
    • Added macOS 11.1 as a remote target
    • Remote macOS instances no longer install `virtualenv` during provisioning
    • virtualenv helper scripts now prefer `venv on Python 3 over virtualenv if the ANSIBLE_TEST_PREFER_VENV` environment variable is set
  • Fixes
    • Apply `_wrap_native_text` only for builtin filters specified in STRING_TYPE_FILTERS.
    • Documentation change to the apt module to reference lock files
    • Fix --list-tasks format role_name : task_name when task name contains the role name
    • Fix ansible-galaxy collection list to show collections in site-packages
    • Fix bytestring vs string comparison in module_utils.basic.is_special_selinux_path()
    • Fix notifying handlers via role_name : handler_name when handler name contains the role name
    • Fix Python 3 interpreter parsing from module
    • inventory - pass the vars dictionary to combine_vars instead of an individual key's value
    • paramiko connection plugin - Ensure we only reset the connection when one has been previously established
    • Preserve the full unit name when using a templated service and `systemd failed to parse dbus due to a known bug in systemd`
    • Do the right thing when `password_lock=True and password` are used together

Test Plan:

  • Run playbook on Fedora 33 VM
  • Run playbook on bare metal Ubuntu 20.10

Reviewers: Triage Team, JoshStrobl

Reviewed By: Triage Team, JoshStrobl

Subscribers: JoshStrobl, sethfl

Differential Revision:


JoshStroblMar 25 2021, 6:40 AM
JoshStroblMar 25 2021, 6:41 AM
Triage Team
Differential Revision
D10499: update ansible to 2.10.5
R360:763b19637d01: update ansible to 2.10.4
tag: ansible-2.10.5-24