Update simplenote to 1.3.2

Authored by Girtablulu on Dec 6 2018, 11:33 PM.


Update simplenote to 1.3.2

Update simplenote to 1.3.2
Resolves T7288


  • 1.3.2
    • Add support for sorting the tags list
    • Add :focus outline to dropzone
    • Fix tag entry in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
    • Make tag entry and removal smoother
    • Fix password change handling
    • Simplify printing
    • Fix incorrect menu labels in note sorting options
    • Never launch in fullscreen mode
    • Fix button styles in the tag drawer
    • Fix app description
    • Fix errors in app menus
  • 1.3.0
    • Importers for Evernote (.enex) exports, Simplenote (.json) exports, and plain text files
    • Revamp auto updater
    • Disable checkboxes and hide bullets in Markdown preview of task lists
    • Add preview styling for <kbd> tags
    • Add markdown property to the JSON file of exported notes
    • Improve keyboard support for modal dialogs
    • Show focus outlines on buttons and other controls when navigating with a keyboard
    • Strip Markdown in note list excerpts (with the exception of ordered and unordered lists)
    • Fix a crash bug that occurred when clicking the Share button immediately after selecting a tag in the tag drawer
    • Remove outdated help text in the Share dialog
    • Fix the Sidebar toggle button not working immediately after launch
    • Make the Revisions selector full-width when in Focus Mode
    • Fix issues with some buttons that were not friendly to screen readers
    • Add a Back button for trashed notes in single-column view
    • Fix line spacing when printing a Markdown note
    • Fix margin on Publish icons in the note list
    • Various security and under-the-hood improvements.

Test Plan: Added a note, gave it a tag and changed theme to dark

Reviewers: Triage Team, JoshStrobl

Reviewed By: Triage Team, JoshStrobl

Subscribers: JoshStrobl

Maniphest Tasks: T7288

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JoshStroblDec 6 2018, 11:33 PM
JoshStroblDec 6 2018, 11:33 PM
Triage Team
Differential Revision
D4568: Update simplenote to 1.3.2
R2907:fd1041fdf265: Fix .desktop file, resolves T7214
tag: simplenote-1.3.2-13
T7288: Update simplenote to 1.3.2