Update ScummVM to 2.2.0

Authored by aleksvor on Oct 6 2020, 4:14 PM.


Update ScummVM to 2.2.0

Summarized changelog:

  • Featured new supported games:
    • Colossal Cave Adventure and other Interactive Fiction games
    • Blazing Dragons
    • Eye of the Beholder - Sega CD version
    • Griffon Legend
    • Operation Stealth
    • Police Quest: SWAT
    • Prince and the Coward, English translation
    • Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar
    • Ultima VI - The False Prophet
    • Ultima VIII - Pagan
  • A new subsystem for automatic saves present in nearly every supported engine.
  • Right-To-Left display support in GUI.
  • Updated MT-32 emulation code.
  • Support for additional different game versions.
  • Improvements to Illusions, Kyra, Lab, Queen, Titanic, Xeen and ZVision engines.
  • Improved support for Maniac Mansion, NES and Apple //gs versions.
  • Fixes for original SCI script bugs in over 30 games.
  • Support for Roland D-110 soundtrack.

Full release notes here.

Packaging changes:

  • Updated licenses list to bring it into line with ResidualVM.
  • Enable liba52dec - required for support of DVD version of "Zork: Grand Inquisitor".
  • Enable curl and SDL2-net for cloud support.
  • Enable GTK3 for native file dialogs (old file dialogs are available as an option).

Test Plan:

  1. Played several games:
    • Blade Runner
    • Sam & Max: Hit the Road
    • Toonstruck
  2. Set up cloud storage with Dropbox as a backend.
  3. Added a new game with native GTK3 dialog.

Reviewers: Triage Team, JoshStrobl

Reviewed By: Triage Team, JoshStrobl

Subscribers: JoshStrobl

Differential Revision:


JoshStroblOct 6 2020, 4:15 PM
JoshStroblOct 6 2020, 4:15 PM
Triage Team
Differential Revision
D9781: Update ScummVM to 2.2.0
R2865:5f4bb3876875: Saftey rebuild scummvm for SDL2
HEAD -> master, tag: scummvm-2.2.0-16