Update ppsspp to 1.11.1

Authored by aleksvor on Feb 12 2021, 1:39 PM.


Update ppsspp to 1.11.1


  • 1.11.1:
    • A few crash fixes.
    • Glitchy menu audio on some devices, in-game UI font memory leak.
    • Couple of AdHoc fixes.
  • 1.11:
    • Lots of minor bug fixes, crash fixes, performance fixes and improvements.
    • Countless AdHoc networking fixes, for example Dragon Ball Shin Budokai, PowerStone, Bleach Heat The Soul 7, Kingdom Hearts, GTA: VCS and many more.
    • Graphics issue with car reflections fixed in Outrun, Dirt 2.
    • Cut-off cards in Yu Gi Oh fixed.
    • Numerous fixes to the builtin fonts.
    • Added exception handler so PPSSPP stays alive if a game crashes.
    • Desktop: Support for multiple instance multiplayer.
    • Multiple fixes to the IR interpreter.
    • UI: New fullscreen button on desktop platforms, optional navigation sounds.
    • Partial microphone support.
    • Workaround for wacky action mirroring bug in Hitman Reborn Battle Arena 2.
    • Hardware texture upscaling for Vulkan, mipmap generation.
    • Added MMPX Vulkan texture upscaling shader.
    • Depth texturing support in Vulkan.
    • Performance fix for Test Drive Unlimited.
    • Added option to disable on-screen messages.
    • Allow chaining multiple post-processing shaders.
    • Support for loading game-specific plugins.
    • Hanayaka Nari Wa ga Ichizoku: mono voices fixed.
    • Additional fixed games:
      • Namco Museum - Battle Collection, Vol 2.
      • Dream Club Portable (graphics bugs, GL and Vulkan).
      • Capcom Classic Collection Reloaded (stuck in return game).
      • Xyanide Resurrection (freezing).
      • Dissidia Final Fantasy Chinese (patched game, invalid address).
      • Crazy Taxi.
      • Spiderman: Friend or Foe.
      • Downstream Panic (US) (New Game crash).

Test Plan: Downloaded "Cave Story" from Homebrew store and completed the first chapter.

Reviewers: Triage Team, JoshStrobl

Reviewed By: Triage Team, JoshStrobl

Subscribers: JoshStrobl

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JoshStroblFeb 12 2021, 1:40 PM
JoshStroblFeb 12 2021, 1:40 PM
Triage Team
Differential Revision
D10509: Update ppsspp to 1.11.1
R2475:5a3a979e0e97: Update ppsspp to 1.10.3
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