Update to 2020.09.2

Authored by JoshStrobl on Nov 7 2020, 4:01 PM.


Update to 2020.09.2


  • New Features
    • A plugin system allows extending the Pitivi functionality medium-term, targeted for teams of editors.
    • A developer console plugin allows interacting with the project in a Python console.
    • Custom UI replaces the automatically generated UI for a handful of effects.
    • Easy Ken-Burns effect.
    • The new Greeter perspective replaces the Welcome wizard dialog and allows a slick selection of a recently opened project.
    • When being resized, the Viewer shows the percent of the actual widget size in relation to the project video size.
    • The Viewer size snaps at 50% when being resized.
    • Scaled proxies if optimized media is too much for your machine.
    • Timeline markers.
    • Support for nested timelines by importing entire XGES files as a clip.
    • The Effects Library has been redesigned to allow quick access to effects.
    • Ability to favorite effects in the Effects Library.
    • Improved workflow for adding effects.
    • The refreshed clip effects UI allows working on multiple effects at a time.
    • Refactored Media Library using same logic for different view modes.
    • Refactored Render Dialog UI to avoid overwhelming people. Tell us what you think about it.
    • Restoring the editing state when reopening a project.
    • Safe areas visualization in the Viewer.
    • Easy alignment for video clips.
    • Composition guidelines in the Viewer.
    • Solid color clips.
    • Ability to mute or hide an entire layer.
    • Interactive intro so newcomers get familiar with the names of the UI elements.
    • The action search is a shortcut to everything possible in the timeline, if you can find it. Press "/".
    • New keyboard shortcuts for pros.


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R2444:ca0b3bd4e887: Rebuild for GL
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