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Planned Deprecation Notice


Rule Type
Applies To
Maniphest Tasks


When all of these conditions are met:

Acting user is any of DataDrake, sunnyflunk, JoshStrobl
Project tags include any of Planned Deprecation
Title contains [RFC] Needs New Maintainer:
Is newly created is true

Take these actions the first time this rule matches:

Change priority to: High.
Add comment: This package has been marked by a Core Team member for planned deprecation. In this case, Planned Deprecation means that this package will be removed from our repository in the event no individual comes forward to maintain this package. Such Planned Deprecation will occur no less than 30 days from the adding of this tag.
Add projects: Needs Maintainer.

Event Timeline

JoshStrobl renamed this rule from to Planned Deprecation Notice.