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Update insomnia to 2020.3.3
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Authored by livingsilver94 on Fri, Jul 31, 9:28 PM.


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T8291: Update Insomnia to 6.6.2

Changelog available here, down to version 6.6.2.
Fixes T8291.

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Made a GET and a POST request to a Facebook Graph API URL. Changed UI theme.

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R3990 insomnia
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livingsilver94 created this revision.Fri, Jul 31, 9:28 PM
livingsilver94 requested review of this revision.Fri, Jul 31, 9:28 PM

Fix wrong release number increment

livingsilver94 added a comment.EditedFri, Jul 31, 10:08 PM

Insomnia uses yarn-standalone to manage its plugins. If we patch this code we could probably make it use our packaged yarn instead of the standalone version, at the cost of keeping it up to date should Insomnia require a new version. What do you think?

Otherwise, the @YakoYakoYokuYoku solution is to symlink the yarn executable as yarn-standalone.js which is what the unpatched insomnia expects.

Now that you mention the patching option I think this is a better way to go but the electron-build configuration file should be patched as well.

Also the plugin install validation is gonna to be worth too (e.g. insomnia-plugin-jwtdecode).

Waiting for Core Team's reply before proceeding.