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Remove python2 support for python-wikipedia

Authored by algent on Sat, Jun 20, 12:39 PM.


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python-wikipedia isn't required by any of existing packages se we can remove python2 support.

Signed-off-by: Algent Albrahimi <>

Test Plan
>>> import wikipedia
['Solus (operating system)', 'Solus', 'Solus Christus', 'Mordin Solus', 'Locus Solus', 'Solus 29', 'The Solus Project', 'Budgie (desktop environment)', 'Solus (typeface)', 'Solus Project']
>>> wikipedia.summary("Solus")
'Solus (previously known as Evolve OS) is an independently developed operating system for the x86-64 architecture based on the Linux kernel and a choice of the homegrown Budgie desktop environment, GNOME, MATE or KDE Plasma as the desktop environment. Its package manager, eopkg, is based on the PiSi package management system from Pardus Linux, and it has a semi-rolling release model, with new package updates landing in the stable repository every Friday. The developers of Solus have stated that Solus is intended exclusively for use on personal computers and will not include software that is only useful in enterprise or server environments.'

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R2711 python-wikipedia
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algent created this revision.Sat, Jun 20, 12:39 PM
algent requested review of this revision.Sat, Jun 20, 12:39 PM

I mean, if nothing requires it, why don't we just nuke it?

algent added a comment.EditedSat, Jun 20, 3:10 PM

The reason of this diff was to clean python2. No problem for me to send a PR to remove this from our repo. This package was a dependency of lollypop and was removed in D6879.

JoshStrobl abandoned this revision.Sat, Jun 20, 3:14 PM

Yea let's go ahead and just nuke this from orbit :) I'll disable its source repo. Thanks for the patch though!