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Update mdbook to 0.3.6
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Authored by algent on Fri, Mar 20, 6:32 PM.


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  • Added
    • MDBook::execute_build_process is now publicly accessible in the API so that plugins can more easily initiate the build process.
  • Changed
    • Use a different color for Ayu theme's highlighting for Rust attributes (uses a bright color instead of the comment color).
    • Adjusted spacing of sidebar entries.
    • Slightly adjusted line-height of <p>, <ul>, and <ol>.
    • Handlebars updated to 3.0.
  • Fixed
    • Fix an issue with sidebar scroll position on reload.
    • mdbook serve will retain the current scroll position when the page is reloaded.
    • Fixed the page name if the book didn't have a title to not be prefixed with -.
    • HTML attributes rel=next and rel=previous are now supported in "wide" mode (previously they were only set in narrow mode).
    • Prevent recursive copies when the destination directory is contained in the source directory.
    • Adjusted the menu bar animation to not immediately obscure the top content.
    • Fix for comments in that appear between items.

Signed-off-by: Algent Albrahimi <>

Test Plan
  • Install the program and run mdbook init write a few new chapters and then build it with mdbook build.
  • Watch the builded book in browser mdbook serve and clean book folder mdbook clean.

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R3907 mdbook
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Remove rust from builddeps since it is a rundep of cargo