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Update linux-firmware to latest git commit

Authored by ikeycode on Fri, Mar 13, 12:33 PM.


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This introduces update firmware for the major GPU types in Solus:

  • AMDGPU (Vega)
  • Intel iGPU (i915)
  • NVIDIA (lots.)

We expect this change to land before building our next kernels to ensure
a consist chain of build and that relevant update firmware blobs will be
present in the prebuilt kernel initrds.

Depends on D8480

Signed-off-by: Ikey Doherty <>

Test Plan

Install, try not to hose hardware. Will need wider testing with updated
kernels from NVIDIA and AMDGPU users.

Diff Detail

R1964 linux-firmware
No Linters Available
No Unit Test Coverage

Event Timeline

ikeycode created this revision.Fri, Mar 13, 12:33 PM
ikeycode requested review of this revision.Fri, Mar 13, 12:33 PM

FWIW I was working on some kernel updates locally but I gotta go out for a fair few hours.

I'll attach my current kernel patch if @DataDrake wants to continue the effort?

Also at some point those patches in git need reviewing to see if they're still relevant, given the hunk offsets I'm seeing.
Could be causing more harm than good now (specifically usb + intel)

FWIW if you want to hold on this, I might be able to continue tomorrow. UK/EU is insane right now so I can't make any promises.

goes back to bunker hiding

ikeycode abandoned this revision.Wed, Mar 18, 11:06 PM