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Initial release of antimicroX
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Authored by manokara on Sun, Feb 9, 12:34 AM.


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T8638: AntimicroX

Closes T8638

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Built the package, but noticed I couldn't install the normal and -devel packages together because they had a cyclic dependency. Hmm. Turns out it was because the GUI depends on libantimicro, which is by default grabbed by the -devel subpackage, but -devel depends on the toplevel package, so a cycle happens. That was an easy fix with the libsplit: no directive in package.yml.

After installing, I opened the app and tested with a couple old profiles I had from the old antimicro and some new ones, everything seems to work fine.

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Change the packager name in pspec

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- Mark Nokalt
  - IRC: manokara
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explicit build deps (e.g. extra-cmake-modules) should be listed after pkgconfigs


gettext-devel is part of system.devel, not needed.


Not needed, this is a dep of qt5-base-devel which is a dep of qt5-tools-devel, which you have listed via the pkgconfig.


Not needed, check libxtst-devel deps.


Not needed, check libxtst-devel deps.

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Add and fix package.yml.