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Update openal-soft to 1.20.0
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Authored by Jacalz on Sat, Nov 30, 1:48 PM.


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Summarized Changelog:

  • Converted the library codebase to C++11. A lot of hacks and custom structures have been replaced with standard or cleaner implementations.
  • Partially implemented the Vocal Morpher effect.
  • Fixed OpenSL capture.
  • Fixed support for extended capture formats with OpenSL.
  • Fixed handling of WASAPI not reporting a default device.
  • Modified the bsinc12 resampler's transition band to better avoid aliasing noise.
  • Modified alcResetDeviceSOFT to attempt recovery of disconnected devices.
  • Modified the virtual speaker layout for HRTF B-Format decoding.
  • Modified the PulseAudio backend to use a custom processing loop.
  • Renamed the makehrtf utility to makemhr.
  • Improved the efficiency of the bsinc resamplers when up-sampling.
  • Improved the quality of the bsinc resamplers slightly.
  • Improved the efficiency of the HRTF filters.
  • Improved the HRTF B-Format decoder coefficient generation.
  • Improved reverb feedback fading to be more consistent with pan fading.
  • Improved handling of sources that end prematurely, avoiding loud clicks.
  • Improved the performance of some reverb processing loops.
  • Added fast_bsinc12 and 24 resamplers that improve efficiency at the cost of some quality. Notably, down-sampling has less smooth pitch ramping.
  • Added support for SOFA input files with makemhr.
  • Added an adjust-latency config option for the PulseAudio backend.
  • Added basic support for multi-field HRTFs.
  • Added an option for mixing first- or second-order B-Format with HRTF output. This can improve HRTF performance given a number of sources.
  • Disabled some old KDE workarounds by default. Specifically, PulseAudio streams can now be moved (KDE may try to move them after opening).
Test Plan
  • Rebuild and play naev to verify that audio works as expected.
  • Rebuild retroarch and test the openal-soft backend.

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R2225 openal-soft
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Event Timeline

Jacalz created this revision.Sat, Nov 30, 1:48 PM
Jacalz requested review of this revision.Sat, Nov 30, 1:48 PM

I removed export CFLAGS="${CFLAGS/-ftree-vectorize/}" as it makes no difference for me any more. Borderlands won't launch with it before the update not after and not after once removed :(

Jacalz planned changes to this revision.Mon, Dec 2, 9:11 AM

Better add back export CFLAGS="${CFLAGS/-ftree-vectorize/}" as it still seems to fix this package, however libasound is the one failing now...

Jacalz updated this revision to Diff 18609.Mon, Dec 2, 5:59 PM
  • Add back the package fix for now