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Update rust to 1.39.0
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Authored by livingsilver94 on Fri, Nov 8, 12:09 PM.


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Changelog available here.

Package Changes:

  • Build Rust dynamically against LLVM 9
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Built ripgrep successfully.

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R2839 rust
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livingsilver94 created this revision.Fri, Nov 8, 12:09 PM
livingsilver94 requested review of this revision.Fri, Nov 8, 12:09 PM
livingsilver94 added a comment.EditedFri, Nov 8, 12:12 PM

I'm statically linking our LLVM. This leads to a slightly reduced package size (see T8434). If anyone familiar with LLVM can tell me that the toolchain doesn't break its ABI often, I could even link Rust dynamically against it to save even more space.

This is fine with me. Eventually, to enable cross-lang PGO/LTO in firefox, both firefox and rust will need to link/use the same llvm/clang to maintain compatibility and reduce the risk of weird compiler mismatch errors. I think this is how you link it as a shared lib:

link-shared = true

@joebonrichie are you the LLVM maintainer? So that I know if your reply suffices or I have to wait for Core.

Link LLVM dynamically

@joebonrichie please notify me when you've pushed your LLVM 9 patch.

Actually build Rust dynamically against LLVM 9

livingsilver94 edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)Tue, Nov 12, 9:23 PM

I confirm, as @ermo anticipated, that Firefox 70 does not build using Rust 1.39.0.

Well, unless you want to patch it.