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Update mit-scheme to 10.1.10

Authored by abdulocracy on Sep 10 2019, 11:46 AM.
Referenced Files
F10829163: D7135.id17131.diff
Sun, Jun 4, 11:20 AM
F10787174: D7135.id17113.diff
Fri, May 26, 11:13 AM
F10787172: D7135.diff
Fri, May 26, 11:13 AM
F10730801: D7135.diff
Thu, May 11, 12:16 AM




  • Feature: Multiple values are now slightly more correct than previously. But they are still not entirely compliant with R7RS.
  • Bug: Add missing definition to exact to reference manual.
  • Bug: Change write to generate datum labels only when there are cycles in the object being printed.
  • Bug: HTTP I/O was failing on some cases with an empty body.
  • Bug: Textual input from non-blocking ports was getting stuck in an infinite loop.
  • Bug: Edwin was communicating with subprocesses using UTF-8 encoding but has no support for this; now it uses ISO 8859-1 instead.
  • Bug: Several calls to read-bytevector! were not handling EOF correctly.
  • Bug: Interaction between let-syntax and define was incorrect, thinking the defines were in the environment of the let-syntax rather than the environment enclosing it.
  • Bug: Typo in parsing of close bracket caused failure in cases when it should have succeeded.
  • Bug: Procedures flo:+inf.0 and flo:-inf.0 were being chosen when the distribution binaries were being built. But these procedures are system specific, so are now chosen on the target system.
  • Performance: change symbol<? to compare as UTF-8 bytevector. This makes it different from string<? but much faster, which is more important for symbols.
Test Plan

Run (display "Hello, World!") in the REPL.

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R4622 mit-scheme
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