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Initial commit of Conan.
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Authored by ma-renaud on Fri, Sep 6, 9:32 PM.


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T8273: Conan C++ package manager

Initial commit of Conan. Resolves T8273
Depends on D7103
Depends on D7104
Depends on D7105
Depends on D7106
Depends on D7107

Test Plan

conan remote list - Should list the default repository
conan search zlib -r=all - Should list available versions of zlib
conan install zlib/1.2.11@conan/stable -r=conan-center - Should install zlib and its files should be at $HOME/.conan/data/zlib

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ma-renaud created this revision.Fri, Sep 6, 9:32 PM
ma-renaud requested review of this revision.Fri, Sep 6, 9:32 PM
ma-renaud updated this revision to Diff 17045.Fri, Sep 6, 9:52 PM
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Update dependencies.

ma-renaud updated this revision to Diff 17046.Fri, Sep 6, 9:59 PM
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Update test plan.

maverick1 added inline comments.

You don't need it. Its for python2.

kyrios123 added a subscriber: kyrios123.EditedSat, Sep 7, 5:41 AM

For the dependencies, next time you can use a coma separated list as you initially did (a dot is not a coma, that's why it didn't work for you) : Depends on D7103, D7104, D7105, D7106 and D7107.

kyrios123 requested changes to this revision.Sat, Sep 7, 6:01 AM
This revision now requires changes to proceed.Sat, Sep 7, 6:01 AM
ma-renaud updated this revision to Diff 17087.Mon, Sep 9, 1:38 PM

Removed python2 macros.