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Update ladspa to version 1.15
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Authored by Jacalz on Thu, Aug 8, 1:01 PM.


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Summarized Changelog:

  • Modernise C++ #include style.
  • Make some globals static.
  • Use mkdir -p rather than mkdirhier during build.
  • Use GCC export map to ensure only the ladspa_descriptor() exported.
  • Put libraries at the end of link instructions.
  • Package with version number in archive and directory names.
  • Fix bug in LADSPA plugin search which did not handle shared libraries that are not plugins correctly.
  • Introduce a default LADSPA plugin search path.
  • Perform macro string expansion in C code rather than in Makefile for better portability.
  • Modernise init()/fini() style in GNU C plugin builds (not C++), tweak link line to correspond.
Test Plan
  • Rebuild LMMS and verify that the ladspa plugins work.
  • Use the new ladspa version on system and use ladspa lugins in (non recompiled) ardour session.

Diff Detail

R1597 ladspa
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