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Update flask to 1.1.1

Authored by maverick1 on Jul 9 2019, 11:45 AM.


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Update flask to 1.1.1


  • The flask.json_available flag was added back for compatibility with some extensions. It will raise a deprecation warning when used, and will be removed in version 2.0.0.
  • Bump minimum Werkzeug version to >= 0.15.
  • Drop support for Python 3.4.
  • Error handlers for InternalServerError or 500 will always be passed an instance of InternalServerError.
  • The flask run command no longer fails if Python is not built with SSL support. Using the --cert option will show an appropriate error message.
  • Show a better error message when the view return type is not supported.
  • Blueprints have a cli Click group like app.cli. CLI commands registered with a blueprint will be available as a group under the flask command.
  • Allow returning a dictionary from a view function. Similar to how returning a string will produce a text/html response, returning a dict will call jsonify to produce a application/json response.
  • Add an --extra-files option to the flask run CLI command to specify extra files that will trigger the reloader on change.
  • Signaling support has a stub for the connect_via method when the Blinker library is not installed.
  • Support static_url_path that ends with a forward slash.
  • Support empty static_folder without requiring setting an empty static_url_path as well.
  • The flask command entry point is simplified to take advantage of Werkzeug 0.15's better reloader support.
  • Flask's JSONMixin for the request and response wrappers was moved into Werkzeug. Use Werkzeug's version with Flask-specific support.
  • Using built-in RequestContext, unprintable Unicode characters in Host header will result in a HTTP 400 response and not HTTP 500 as previously.
Test Plan

Ran a flask server with blueprints registered.

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