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Update OpenSCAD to 2019.05
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Authored by alecbcs on Fri, Jul 5, 10:21 PM.


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T8115: Update OpenSCAD to 2019.05

Updated OpenSCAD to 2019.05 which includes new features, and bug fixes. Resolves T8115. Depends on D6686.

Summerized Changelog:

  • Customizer: Allow parametrizing design parameters with GUI customization
  • Support for using 3D-Mouse / Joystick / Gamepad input devices for controlling the 3D view
  • 3D Printing support: Purchase from a print service partner or print to Octoprint
  • New export file formats: SVG, 3MF, AMF
  • Added --view cmd-line parameter
  • Play sound notification on render complete
  • Line numbers and filenames are now shown for many errors and warnings
  • Hardwarning preference: Stop on first warning
  • Hardwarning and assert now shows a stack trace
  • New translations: Ukrainian, Polish

Full changelog can be found here.

Test Plan

Opened example files and program interface. Everything looked and functioned as expected.

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R2252 openscad
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If you add Depends on D6686 to the description, it should get added as a parent revision.

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Thanks for the patch!


Need to be sorted properly (0-9, A-Z, a-z)

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Sorted dependencies properly

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Thanks! I promise I'll figure out the sorting at some point :)