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Update libdrm to 2.4.98

Authored by kyrios123 on May 12 2019, 4:18 PM.


Group Reviewers
Triage Team
  • amdgpu: add some raven marketing names
  • amdgpu: add marketing name for AMD Radeon VII
  • amdgpu: update amdgpu_drm.h from drm-next for 5.2
  • xf86drm: Fix segmentation fault while parsing device info
  • intel: sync i915_pciids.h with kernel
  • headers: Sync with drm-next
  • amdgpu: Add context priority override function.
  • xf86drm: Add drmIsMaster()
  • tests/amdgpu: add deadlock test for sdma
  • tests/amdgpu: add memset dispatch test
  • tests/amdgpu: add memcpy dispatch test
  • tests/amdgpu: add memset draw test
  • tests/amdgpu: add memcpy draw test
  • tests/amdgpu: minor fix for dispatch/draw test
  • xf86drm: fallback to MODALIAS for OF less platform devices
  • xf85drm: de-duplicate drmParse{Platform.Host1x}{Bus,Device}Info
  • Revert "libdrm: Fix issue about differrent domainID but same BDF"
  • libdrm: Fix issue about differrent domainID but same BDF
  • xf86drm: fix return type for drmIsMaster()
  • amdgpu/tests: drop unused local vars
  • fix various typos
  • tests/modetest: add QCOM_COMPRESSED to supported modifiers list
  • virtgpu: Update kernel header
  • tests/util: Add armada-drm driver
  • amdgpu: Fix a structure initialization issue
  • intel: sync i915_pciids.h with kernel
  • fix build error for config.h in autotools
  • amdgpu: add ras tests

Signed-off-by: Pierre-Yves <>

Test Plan

Rebuild mesa & mpv against this package then play a video in mvp

Diff Detail

R1667 libdrm
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kyrios123 created this revision.May 12 2019, 4:18 PM
kyrios123 requested review of this revision.May 12 2019, 4:18 PM
DataDrake abandoned this revision.May 15 2019, 10:42 PM
DataDrake added a subscriber: DataDrake.

Sorry, I accidentally updated this myself without seeing your patch.